Public Sessions


These are our public swim sessions, open to everyone.

  • Breakfast Club – start the day with a refreshing swim.

  • Public Swim Session - swimming for everyone

  • Parent and Toddlers – open to all parents (and grandparents) with pre school children.

  • Over 50s and Disabled Session – this session the water is heated to a comfortable temperature and the hoist is on the poolside. The hoist is also available at any public session on request. Swim and hydrotherapy equipment is available and advice can be given as to its correct use.

  • Children's Inflatable Session - one of our most popular sessions. The inflatables were purchased after a huge fundraising effort and are an excellent way of encouraging activity in young people. Discounted rates for the next session encourage extra activity.

  • Mask, Flipper and Snorkel – a great fun session with staff on hand to instruct in the safe use of the equipment. Another great way of encouraging children to be active.

  • Aquarobics – there are 2 types of session available: Over 50s for gentle exercise for fitness and mobility, exercise in water is particularly good for those with joint problems and aquafit, 2 sessions of exercise to music. This kind of exercise is especially good for weight loss and rehabilitation following injury.

  • Pool Hire – the pool is available for private hire for parties, club training sessions etc.

  • Sauna – added during the 2003 upgrade this facility is available during public swim sessions. For safety this is open to adults only



This very popular and successful programme is taught by fully qualified ASA teachers in the following age groups. The scheme has 6 levels and is carefully designed to ensure progression through each stage. A booklet detailing your progression will be supplied at the start of your lessons with a certificate on completion of the programme.
Start with Tiny tadpoles, a water confidence session for babies from 0 - 3 years with Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandpa or any adult. Claire and Emma will guide you and baby in fun group activities to music which develop your baby's water confidence and skills ready for our Learn2Swim programme.


  • Level 1 Ducklings – ages 3-4 years. Water skills, confidence and games in preparation for lessons.

  • Level 2 Beginners – age 4+ years, starting out.

  • Level 3 Improvers – basic technique in 3 different strokes

  • Level 4 Stroke Technique - good stroke technique in 3 strokes for at least 15m and stamina

  • Level 5 Mini Otters - children ready for advanced technique and stamina

  • Level 6 Otter Club – pre swimming club, moving from lessons to training

Once all 6 levels are completed your real involvement in swimming has only just begun and a further exciting experience awaits you if you choose to join the Duns Amateur Swimming Club.

For more details on this and our lessons for adults please contact the pool.

  • Adult Lessons – beginners, improvers

  • Adult Session – Training to schedule and stroke technique. During this session there is also 1 lane available for those who prefer to do their own thing.

Duns Swimming Club


Duns ASC is a highly competitive swimming club. Their aim is to produce swimmers to compete at all levels. The high standard of swimming is maintained due to the excellent coaching provided by Neil Tait and the pool time made available to all levels of club swimmers from the beginners to the elite.


Club Ethos​

Duns Swimming Club was formed in 1972. We are a highly competitive swimming club and our aim is to produce swimmers of a standard to compete, in the first instance, at regional, district level and thereafter at a national level and beyond.  We have a good history of producing such swimmers and our aim is to continue doing so.  Members are expected to swim for the club, both individually and as team members. The club welcomes new members from 7 years up – please contact Anna, our secretary, on 07966 136665 for more information.


Our coach is Neil Tait.

Club Organization​

The committee of Duns Amateur Swimming Club is made up of office bearers and general helpers.  The committee meets on the first Monday of the month in the pool café area at 7.30pm.

Contact Anna White, Secretary : 07966 136665